Top Motu Patlu Games

Hi, Motu Patlu lovers!! I have a surprise for you. Guess what.?
I’ve come with a lot of motu patlu games today. I hope you know a lot about motu patlu, and you enjoy the episodes of it, but You need additional entertainment from it. I am considering that and this site let you play unlimited games for free.

You can play any game on PC. Unfortunately, you can’t play these games on all the smartphones. Only a few smartphones can play flash games(.swf). You can enjoy fun games on this site very quickly. I’ve made very easy navigation by categories, and all the type of games are accessible.

Who Made Motu Patlu Games?

Anyway All the motu patlu games are the property of Nick India. I’m promoting Motu patlu games on my site and not owning any game or adding copyright to any content on my site. I concur that this is Nick India’s content, but I am just embedding flash games also known as flash scripts. I copy the link to a flash file of Nick India’s each and every motu patlu game.

Well, these are only flash games and can be played from PC or Windows phone, but I will provide you few Android and iOS motu patlu games as well. They are same as other adventure games like subway surfer, tomb raider, temple run, temple run2, etc.

You can Play Motu and Patlu Games online here for nothing. The Motu Patlu amusements incorporate racing games, cooking games, and cricket games as well. You can watch recordings on YouTube and every Dailymotion. All scenes are accessible on YouTube and Daily Motion in High quality. What currently ended up one of the most loved Hindi Character of children. Motu Patlu tune in sound mp3 and video in MP4 design which is accessible free to download.

For PC games, I’ve created a separated page. You can play all the PC motu patlu games by CLICKING HERE.

Top motu patlu games are following:

1. Wicket Keeping Champ












Become a wicketkeeping champ with Motu Patlu! Play the game NOW!!!!
It’s a pretty easy PC game. You’ve to do wicket keeping in this match. You just need to follow these instructions to play the game:


  • Move the mouse control gloves catch the ball.
  • Collect five catches to get one extra ball.


2. Batting Champion

Help Motu to become the best batsman by scoring the most runs.


  • Use arrows keys from keyboard to select the direction.
  • Use Spacebar to hit.
  • Press Z to energy shot for six runs
  • Be aware of losing a wicket. There’s negative scoring in that.

3. Bowling Champ

Motu patlu games

Bowling champ is an amazing game from Nick India. It’s a bowling game, and you’ve to bowl in this game using your mouse and keyword. It’s almost same as Nick cricket academy game. Most of the motu patlu PC games player are very interested in playing cricket games so here is a great one. I hope you will like it.

Follow Instructions:

  • Use mouse button to choose bowling type.
  • Horizontal spin slider: Stop at a point by clicking left mouse button to select the amount of spin.
  • More lives you save, more bonus you will get.
  • Score as many points as you can in 10 balls.

4. King of the field

motu patlu games

It’s a flash game like other motu patlu Games Online on this site. King of the field is all about fielding. This is a fantastic game. It’s same as few other motu patlu bowling games. You have to throw the ball to your friends, and they will send it back, and you have to catch it. It’s very easy to game to play. You need to control it via mouse. You can score very big in this game if you play correctly.

Instructions for King of the field:

  • Throw the ball toward a fielder who has a blinking target.
  • Hit the center of bull eye to get 10 points
  • If you hit the white circle, then you will get extra 3 points. Or else if you miss both of circles, then you will get only 1 point.

5. Bounce

motu patlu games download

Wow, This is a fantastic jumping game. It is just awesome. You will like it I am pretty sure. All you have to do is control all the characters via hovering mouse left or right side. You don’t need to use many buttons, though. You can simply play this game by pressing only left arrow and right arrow(not supported now).

Instructions for Bounce:

  • Move the board and help motu and patlu to complete the jungle.
  • Make sure they don’t fall or don’t lose the life.

6. Dino Drop

Motu patlu car games

Have you ever played Candy Crush or any other similar game? They are amazing games, and same is here with our today’s game. It’s like candy crush. It’s a good game for those who likes puzzle games always. You need to control it via mouse only. I’ve played bounce too, and I enjoyed it.

There are two mods in game. You have to select one before proceeding next.

Instructions for dino drop game:

  • Arrange the dinosaur eggs so that there are 3 or more eggs of the same color in a row.
  • To move an egg click on an egg and then click on another egg that is to the left, right above or below the first egg you clicked on. The two eggs will swap positions.
  • Try to get 3 in a row to earn points and move to the next level.

7. Paint fun

Motu patlu games play

This bounce game is a really interesting game, and everyone should love this game. It’s pretty lovable.

Instruction for game:

To play this game click on above flash file and start playing. I’ve collected few instructions as well. They will help you to play this game quickly:

  • Choose your favorite player from the gallery, pick and color, and paint
  • Change your picture anytime by selecting different playpal.
  • print your colored pic and Have fun!

8. Smiley Champs

motu patlu game free

This is very good game for adults; even kids can play this game, but they will feel difficulties while playing the game because the game is a little bit hard. You need to read instructions first to play the game easily.

Eat the balloons for extra points and power-ups.

Instructions for smiley champ:

  • Eat all the balls to make it to next level. Eat balloon for extra power and points.
  • Avoid the camper
  • Get the red balloon
  • Get the purple balloon to turn in to invisible walls
  • The green button to eat chompers!
  • Have fun!

9. Snow Board challenge

Motu patlu game

Snowboard Challenge is a very interesting game, and everyone will like this game. You have to follow the instructions before playing the game. They are following:

Hit the jumps and do tricks to score more….

Use your mouse and control the motu on skiing.
While in Mid-air:

  • Press A to do a 180
  • Press S to do a flip
  • Press D to do a sidekick
  • Fresh Motu patlu games:

10. Cherry Bomb

Motu patlu games download

It’s pretty easy to play, to be honest. I played many more patlu games, and all were fantastic, but this is the special one. You just need to use your keyboard and mouse to control the bombs. Visual effects in this game are amazing, and it’s a pretty beautiful game. It’s for kids basically, but adults can also enjoy this game. It isn’t that much hard than previous Snowboard Challenge game.

Instructions for this game:

  • Arrange the falling boxes so that they form a line.
  • You will earn extra points from lines that contain colored boxes.
  • Watch out for firecrackers, rockets and cherry bombs. Firecrackers blow up boxes all around them.
  • Rockets go off all boxes in a row.
  • You can capture cherry bombs when they are in a row which is removable. Use the spacebar to set off a cherry bomb and blow up the button row.

11. Book Cricket

Book Cricket is a fantastic game from Nick India. Especially children like this game too much and when they play this game they play continuously without even worrying about anything. It’s same as cricket game but no bat no ball. I know how to play this game, and soon you will know too that how to play this game quickly.

Here are the instructions:

  • No bat and no ball! All the excitement of cricket off the field. Flip
  • the pages of the book to score runs! The digits of the page number on your left are your score! So get flipping oops clicking!

12. Motu VS Patlu

Well, this is the only game where you can choose any character. Either you select moto as a player or you can choose patlu as a player. Both are same, though. You can enjoy this game by playing one side of any character. I’ve collected instructions of this match. I hope you will follow the instructions then you will get it very easily.


  • Hold down the space bar to launch the lads into combat
  • Release the spacebar to have a whack
  • AIM for the sweet spot.
  • Be careful not to swing too early or too late.

13. Hungry Motu

This game is fantastic and very enjoyable. Motu is another name of hunger and he always likes to eat the food or samosa so here is the game where he has to eat all the types of foods. You have to guide him that how can he eat all the fruits or other foods.

You need to control it via mouse. Move the mouse and monitoring the motu.


  • Using the mouse, click on motu to make him jump up and grab the food he likes.
  • The longer you hold down your mouse, the higher motu will jump.
  • You can also move him left and right while holding down the mouse.
  • You got 120 seconds to play this game.

14. Chicken Game

It is pretty good game if I see as my point of view. It’s easy to play as other motu patlu games free because it’s a flash game. All the flash games are easy to play( I’m talking about motu patlu flash games). In this game, you have to ride the car and find the chicken on the road.

Instructions for the chicken game:

  • Guide the chicken across the roads and rivers with your arrow keys to get all the worms.
  • The more levels you reach, the more worms you will need to find to get to the next step.

15. Multiplier Game

Play the Motu Patlu Multiplier Game and help them reach 2048


  • Use your arrow key to move the tiles.
  • When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one.
  • Good Luck!

16. Kill The Zombies

It’s pretty easy to play if you follow all the instructions given below. Please read all the instructions first to play the game efficiently.


  • Select Level after continuing the game
  • After selecting Levels, you will get one screen with instructions.
  • There are mainly three steps to control the game, and they are following:

Move with arrows:

  • Use four arrow keys to control the game.
  • To Find Healing gun use your weapon via spacebar.

17. Selling Samosa

If you know the instructions on it and how to play this flash game. If you have read the instructions, then you can play it so quickly. But it’s not like that always. Sometimes you don’t need instructions to play any game. I know few sharp minders are smart enough to play any game without instructions. They can detect any game via its look and playing area, so hats off to them because they are very experienced. But for new motu patlu gamers, it’s very necessary to read all the instructions to play the game smoothly.

Instructions For This Game

The object is to earn maximum points in each 60 seconds.
Each time a new customer will come up to buy samosas, and you’ve to make a receipt that how much that customer has to pay for samosas.

18. Flying Motu

You feel the real power of motu while playing this game. Motu’s role is to fly in this game, and he flies in this match. You have to control him by giving him proper direction. I’ve collected few instructions for this game.

Instructions for flying motu game:

  • You are motu in the game.
  • Which is a little character, You have to move your mouse and click the screen to levitate or else motu will descend.
  • If motu hits bottom or top boundaries, He will die, and the game will finish there.

19. Hot Shots

Hot shot is one of best motu patlu games. I liked it too much because it is very easy to play and fascinating game.

Simply follow these steps to play this game:

  • Click on Play button at right bottom corner.
  • Read instruction and again click on play button to start game finally.
    The player is patlu(you).
  • You need to move mouse as well as click on the perfect place to put basketball on the net.

20. Nick Cricket Academy

This is another fantastic game in motu patlu games. It’s a fantastic game from Nick India. It’s question-based, It will ask you a lot of questions about cricket, and at last, it will show you the result. It’s funny game because it’s too easy to predict everything, Suppose someone caught one ball then a game will give you four options. Either it’s bold, six, four or catches.

  • You need to select catch. So that will add one point to your game data or profile.
  • It’s so fun and easy to play the game.

21. Batting Championship

It’s very easy to play batting champion. It’s slightly different than other motu patlu games. Just click on play button and start catching the balls of MOTU. Hahaha, This is another great cricket category game from Nick India.

  • As this is cricket flash game, you’ve to play like a virtual player, and you need to do batting first. It’s very easy to play.
  • In this game, Patlu is doing balling, and motu is doing batting.
  • And two other characters of motu patlu are doing fielding for the game. Motu patlu games are awesome, especially when they are in sports category like this one.

22. Wicket Keeping Champ

This is a fantastic online cricket game by Nick India. It’s too easy to play, and instructions are there as well. You need to click on the play then the game will start.

  • You’ve to catch the ball as wicketkeeper that is why this game is named “Wicket Keeping Champ.”
  • This game is one of the most exciting game in all the motu patlu online games.